Aries-The Ram

Aries-The Ram(March 21 to April 19)
The Aries sign just so happen to be the first of the zodiac. Also referred to as the Ram,a person born under the Aries sign usually carries the trait of being stubborn. Theirstubbornness usually comes to light when they refer to themselves and hold themselveson a level above the rest. Aries love to lead, and see themselves as having the ability tolead anyone as long as they come first. Aries are also quite fearless. Meaning they do notcare what happens as a result of a decision they made, as they know it was the right oneanyway.

People born under the Aries sign like new things. They get bored easily with routines,and therefore enjoy breaking new ground and going against the odds. Aries are alsoenthusiastic people, and have a certain magnetism about themselves that intrigues people,and livens them up. With endless energy Aries always get the job done, and do not shyaway form difficult situations.

People born under the Aries sign also show quite aggressive characteristics, often comingacross as bold or even arrogant at time, and Aries is not afraid to convince someone thatthey are right. Aries are also quite courageous, and will not back down simply do to size orstrength. Since they believe so heavily in themselves, nothing can stand in their way of awin, and the exhibit no fear of competition, often going above and beyond if their is a prizeto be won. However, sometime Aries can get sidetracked and not finish one task beforequickly jumping into another more risky project.

Aries signs are very physical people too. They like hands on stuff where they are free tomove around. They often move up high in sporting and athletic teams and competitions,and do not enjoy sitting for long periods of time. It is hard to keep an Aries in theclassroom learning from books, as they often want to go and experience what they arelearning first hand. They do enjoy the challenge that education offers, but would prefer todo it is a more exciting environment.
Aeries often suffer from headaches, as they do not leave themselves anytime to relax. Sincethey are always on the go, so is their brain and so tension is frequent as well. Even whenit comes to love, Aries are always on the go- starting one relationship before the other hasended, which can lead to relationship problems if the partner does not share the sameplayful and enthusiastic characteristics.

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